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The Attainment Series, Book 1


There are many ways to capture a person’s love, but unwilling, full attainment is never the best option. 

Life hasn’t been easy for 18 year old Reese Stanford. After a traumatic incident a year ago, she has a hard time trusting any guy. She finally allows herself to fall for the heart throb, Tate Justice, only to realize he too comes with his own set of issues.

Swearing off men, she meets a beach ‘god’ who will settle for no less than all of Reese. That is at least, until she learns a truth about Tate that changes the game entirely.

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Bake Me Happy in Madison, NC

Syd's Tobacco in Madison, NC

T&M Hair Gallery in Stoneville, NC

Tate Street Coffee Shop in Greensboro, NC

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